Friday, August 20, 2010

Down To The Wire: The Race To Beat Congressman Alan Grayson

Birds are tweeting that the Florida 8th Congressional district race has both narrowed and tightened. Three separate internal polls are showing that Todd Long and Dan Webster are in a statistical dead heat. All the other candidates: Ross Bieling, Dan Fanelli, Patricia Sullivan, Kurt Kelly, Bruce O’Donoghue are far behind in single digits.

This brings up an interesting question for those of us who still haven't voted. Namely that if we vote for any of the other five candidates, we're likely going to be backing a non-winner.

But here's where it get's really complicated. If we assume that Todd Long is the tea party front-runner, and Dan Webster is a career politician, a vote for anyone else would be splitting the tea party vote and give the election to Mr. Webster.

I trust that my sources are correct on the polling data. Now comes decision time. Barring any other late breaking news, I'm going to the Orange County Library and pulling the lever for Todd Long.

While I like all the candidates for differing reasons, I feel comfortable with Todd. As to all this mudslinging about his past drinking problems, I've talked with Todd off and on for the last couple of years in a variety of different situations. Never have I seen him show the slightest bit of inebriation. And his profession of christian faith helping him to reform his character appears genuine.

Amazing how writing something out makes decisions so much easier.

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