Monday, August 23, 2010

Could The Florida Race That No One Is Watching Be The Most Important Of All?

Not mentioned much in Florida's big dollar political slug fests, is Florida State Senator John Thrasher against fellow Republican Charles Perniciaro. What makes this more than just a normal primary, is Thrasher's role as the Republican Party of Florida state chairman.

If Mr. Thrasher were to loose his state senate race, would it not also tarnish his standing as the RPOF chair? Many people think so and are wondering how that race is looking.

Through my network of political activists, it appears the race is trending in Mr. Perniciaro's favor. Volunteers knocking on doors in this Jacksonville-based district are reporting 'high negatives' for Mr. Thrasher. Apparently there is still bad blood flowing from when Thrasher bought his way to victory in a highly contested special election.

The person previously holding that senate seat was Jim King who died unexpectedly prompting the special election. That race had four legitimate contenders splitting the vote. Thrasher narrowly won, but did not receive a majority of the votes cast.

One volunteer I spoke with said, "Most people I talked to were definitely voting against Thrasher. Once in a while a homeowner will say they're for Thrasher, but not many. We are also having success with reaching the undecided's."

Mr. Pernciaro is a medical physician, and has had a lot of financial support lending his campaign more than $300,000 dollars and then raising a million dollars more. Mr. Thrasher has accused the doctor of only recently registering Republican. Pernciaro responded by showing that he has only donated to Republicans.

Keep your eyes out tomorrow for this low profile race with big implications.

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