Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paula Dockery Rumors And New Opponent In FL Governor Race...

A little bird told me that Ms. Dockery has cut a TV commercial that will air perhaps this week. No content was revealed, but this is a huge step for the campaign.

Considering that the campaign finance reports are out and that our candidate is not exactly leading the money race, a TV commercial is quite a development. Stay tuned!

I helped leaflet the crowd at the Orlando Tax Day Teaparty rally. I was surprised at the number of people that had heard of Paula. Most of course had not, but were attracted by the colorful brochure.

While the campaign for Florida US Senate is front and center right now, let's not forget that who sits in the Governor's mansion will probably have more impact on our day to day life.

Final development in the governor's race? The sudden entrance of millionaire Rick Scott. He made his money in the health care industry and tags his campaign around running Florida like a business.

Don't know, but I would suspect that Florida Senator Paula Dockery is more qualified, but any news spotlighting the governor race is probably a good thing for us.

Nick Egoroff

PAULA-ticians For Governor Dockery

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