Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rick Scott's Choice For Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll

Orlando Republicans welcomed Rick Scott and his new pick for Florida Lt. Governor, Jennifer Carroll. Rick gave a short speech which he read from notes. Ms. Carroll then stepped to the podium and spoke without notes. She did an outstanding job, befitting her experience as a multi-term State House Representative.

Obviously race and gender played a role in her selection. But I really liked her presence and warmth which seemed genuine. After talking with other folks there, we all seemed to agree that she was a fantastic choice. Mr. Scott will be well served in giving her as much face-time with voters as possible.

I by chance was approached by The Orlando Sentinel reporter asking me if I thought she would really make much of a difference, "Isn't Lt. Governor largely a ceremonial position?" My reply was that in the past this was true. But look how Vice-president Dick Cheney and Vice-president Joe Biden have played significant supporting roles. Add to this that Rick Scott is used to running large corporations. That means he's learned how to delegate responsibility.

Time will tell, but I think all indicators are pointing to a good ticket for voters to support.

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