Friday, September 3, 2010

One Narrative That Might Change The Florida Governor Race Between Rick Scott and Alex Sink!

Could this fall election change from the usual blather to some very hard hitting and hard to defend accusations? Alex Sink may have signaled that she will turn Rick Scott's successful 'corruption in Tallahassee' message back against him.

In her latest commercial ad, Sink moves right into setting herself apart from special interests and corruption in the state capital. Take a look...

This is fairly tame stuff that may change as the contest heats up. Will she bring up the same pictures of disgraced Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer that Rick Scott used so effectively to beat Bill McCollum?

Only time will tell. The problem for Mr. Scott is that he knows that the insiders control Tallahassee. And since the Republicans have been the majority party for a dozen years, Sink is provided an opportunity to tie Scott to all the scandals that plague the Florida GOP.

This could put the Scott campaign into a defensive posture that he might never recover from.

Naturally, Scott will say 'I'll clean house,' but this may ring hollow to the all important 'independent' voters that are so crucial to winning. They may reason: why not get rid of the party all together?

Keep your eyes peeled for the next salvo from Ms. Sink. We may see if she turns the mirror back on Scott. This could get very ugly very quickly.

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