Thursday, July 29, 2010

Strange Case Of Hypocrisy In the Florida Orange County Republican Executive Committee

Orange County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Lew Oliver has 'got some 'splainin' to do! He sent out a mailer to central Florida Republicans reminding them that Orange County Mayoral candidate Bill Segal is a hardcore Democrat. The race is non-partisan meaning there are no R's or D's listed next to candidates' names.

Seems reasonable enough. So why the reference to Ricky Ricardo and his oft heard question to hapless wife Lucy?

Simple. While Lew Oliver prattles on about how "Bill Segal = Obama/ACORN" he seems to have forgotten something. His State Committeeman gave the MAXIMUM donation to Bill Segal's election campaign! That's right, Jerry Braley (former Republican Executive Committee Chair and it's current State Committeeman) saw no problem supporting the evil liberal Bill Segal.

One has to wonder about how serious Florida Republicans are about embracing constitutional conservative principles when one of its highest officials gives generously to Democrats.